Networks that Work

Networks the Work cover imageNetworks that Work has been called an “indispensable playbook” for anyone interested or involved in harnessing the power of many groups to achieve a shared social or civic purpose.

If your organization has joined or is considering a networked effort with other groups, if the scale of your mission seems too daunting or important to tackle alone, if you’re looking to leverage your resources and amplify your organizational power, this book is for you. It covers a range of issues to consider before you decide to network, and as you create and pursue successful networked action. Here you’ll find:

  • tools you’ll need to evaluate your options
  • rich case studies that bring those options to life
  • checklists and essential questions to inform your choices
  • free critical resources
  • links to full case studies of other networks

Networks that Work is a compilation of years of observation and experience. At Community Partners, where scores of civic initiatives take root and grow under our fiscal sponsorship program, we repeatedly saw alliances and coalitions of nonprofit groups form, struggle and, too often, fail. Unfortunately, network leaders frequently underestimate the managerial attention, staff time, group know-how, and other special resources a successful network requires. Networks That Work helps leaders counter these problems, deal with the realities, and leverage the promise of working in a network. 

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