DMH Master Agreement List Trainings

2020 MSA Training Sessions

In an effort to provide additional support to CBOs interested in joining the DMH Master Agreement List, Community Partners and DMH are offering additional training sessions designed to guide agencies through the process of completing the Master Agreement Statement of Qualifications.

In light of recent events, Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health will not be hosting in-person trainings on joining the Master Services Agreement List.  Instead, trainings will take place virtually during the dates and times listed below. Please click the option you would like to attend in order to register.

MSA Training Sessions - Virtual Meetings

We want to continue to support you, if any of those dates are impossible for you to attend, please contact Lupe Solorio at 213-346-3208 to schedule a one-on-one phone consultation.



To access the MSA Application, please visit and look for RFSQ for Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) No. DMH030719B1.

If you have any questions about completing the RFSQ to get on the DMH Master Agreement List, please email