President's Message from the 2005-2006 Biennial Report

Saturday, July 1, 2006 - 18:00

(Reproduced from the 2005-2006 Biennial Report)

Like a seed, an idea grows. But only if it’s given the right conditions. A seed needs water, sun, good soil. An idea grows when it finds the right person, and then that person finds support, encouragement and nourishment.

Community Partners supports, encourages and nourishes people with good ideas and aspirations to improve their community. That’s our garden, that’s what we cultivate.

Our doors are open to groups of people with ideas that advance the public good.

Communities also grow. But without the ideas – and watchful eyes – of engaged people that growth can twist, wither or cease. Serving in the role of committed community leaders, active citizens are society’s only regenerative source for healing stunted civic growth and seeing future possibilities for change and advancement. We see this illustrated over and over again at Community Partners by groups like these.

  • Girls and Gangs where professionals and volunteers help incarcerated girls dream of a better future;
  • California Community Empowerment Project where people communicate across differences to repair fissures created by violence in the community, and;
  • Earthworks Enterprises where community growers bring organic food and a love of nature to people in low- income neighborhoods.

Social and civic entrepreneurs with whom we work address critical community needs, advance creative responses to difficult problems, mobilize people for change, bring attention to social challenges, combat listlessness and passivity in public life, hold leadership accountable and give voice to the public interest.

Our doors are open to groups of people with ideas that advance the public good. Project leaders, staff and volunteers supply the energy, insight and endurance needed for any idea to germinate. We’ll warm good ideas with our years of experience, we’ll irrigate them with our skilled staff ’s expertise and we’ll offer firm ground as the idea takes root and grows into action.