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The scrap of paper mentioned in the story
February 20, 2020

I keep a small scrap of paper at home on my bedroom dresser with a scribbled quote from a conference speaker whose thoughts impressed me several years ago. Drawing upon her commitment to helping

August 1, 2008

Now and then in the nonprofit community a resource bully swaggers about throwing around their power. These sorts of folks – blessedly rare, but there to be reckoned with – present an ugly sight,

August 1, 2008

My old friend, Gary Bess, provides smart counsel to numerous public interest, health and human service groups. Several years ago, Gary earned a doctorate from the University of Southern California

July 1, 2008

Meet Igor Kokarev. Seriously. Come by the Community Partners office, kick off your shoes, and sit a spell with Igor Kokarev. He’s joined us recently from Moscow, occupies a desk down the hall, and

June 1, 2008

The California Community Foundation received a gigantic $200 million bequest a few years ago from a long-time Los Angeles civic activist by the name of Joan Palevsky. One of the best things the

April 1, 2008

Invited to speak before a group of highly experienced colleagues recently, I found myself both respectful of their achievements and wondering what to offer that might challenge both them and me to

March 1, 2008

Strong partnerships with other organizations extend the service, advocacy, innovation and learning capabilities of all nonprofit groups. Strategic partnerships, meant to endure for a considerable

February 1, 2008

Research shows that the most effective leaders of community groups focus not just on organizational development, but also on their role as field builders. Field building implies understanding

January 1, 2008

A friend asked recently if I could help a small nonprofit group he liked that was facing a dire shortage of operating funds and approaching the perilous stage just prior to complete flame-out. The

December 1, 2007

In January 2008, Community Partners will bid farewell to a dear friend and colleague who has formed a new business, Walden Philanthropy Advisors

November 1, 2007

Community Partners published a book this month that I wrote with my research collaborator, Myrna Mandell. The book is titled Networks that Work: A Practitioner’s Guide to Managing Networked