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August 19, 2019

Viewership for the first Democratic primary debates in June was the highest ever recorded. Could this be a sign of greater citizen engagement in the voting process? Could it translate to greater

March 1, 2008

Strong partnerships with other organizations extend the service, advocacy, innovation and learning capabilities of all nonprofit groups. Strategic partnerships, meant to endure for a considerable

February 1, 2008

Research shows that the most effective leaders of community groups focus not just on organizational development, but also on their role as field builders. Field building implies understanding

January 1, 2008

A friend asked recently if I could help a small nonprofit group he liked that was facing a dire shortage of operating funds and approaching the perilous stage just prior to complete flame-out. The

December 1, 2007

In January 2008, Community Partners will bid farewell to a dear friend and colleague who has formed a new business, Walden Philanthropy Advisors

November 1, 2007

Community Partners published a book this month that I wrote with my research collaborator, Myrna Mandell. The book is titled Networks that Work: A Practitioner’s Guide to Managing Networked

October 1, 2007

I first picked up that terminology – privileged insight – hanging around a guy who spent most of his time in the venture capital world. It’s a fancy way of summing up what you’ve got in hand when

September 1, 2007

Just to get off the starting line, strong contenders for success in the charitable marketplace seem to do at least three things well. They honcho. They hustle.

July 1, 2007

Cooperating, coordinating, collaborating – all three behaviors can amplify a nonprofit group’s effectiveness in addressing the needs of people and communities. However, building networks

June 1, 2007

No one working in this city’s communities can afford to ignore the wider civic context swirling around their efforts. Take, for example, the leaders of a Los Angeles after-school program helping

May 1, 2007

I’ve gotten acquainted recently with Dan, a good man in his mid-50’s who is changing. My grasp of the language leaves me short of a single word or phrase precise enough to describe the place in