Over the last several years, there has been an acceleration of efforts to both reform the health care delivery system and address community conditions that contribute to ill health. Through the development of integrated delivery systems, such as Accountable Care Organizations, and community-based efforts, like Community Transformation Grants, it is now well recognized that it takes a broad range of partnerships—across the health care system as well as sectors that affect the social determinants of health—to make significant improvements in personal and population health and achieve greater health equity.

Until recently, however, most health care delivery reform efforts have been conducted separate from community-based efforts. Yet, all such sectors are needed to work in close collaboration to address the spectrum of contributors to ill health.

In response to this challenge, Community Partners, with support from a consortium of funders (The California Endowment, Blue Shield Foundation of California, and Kaiser Permanente), is releasing a Request for Proposals to support up to six Accountable Communities for Health. Accountable Communities for Health seek to explicitly bring together key sectors and partners—from the community to the health care delivery system—in order to collectively advance a common health goal.

ACHs build on prior efforts to coordinate and integrate various organizations, programs and services by linking their activities together in a coherent and reinforcing portfolio of interventions across five key domains. By coordinating and aligning activities to address particular health issues in a community, ACHs can achieve meaningful and lasting improvements in personal and population health. The California Accountable Communities for Health Initiative (CACHI) will assess the feasibility, effectiveness, and potential value of a more expansive, connected and prevention-oriented health system.