Crowdfunding: How to Create a Successful Campaign

Crowdfunding is the hottest trend in fundraising. To help nonprofits take advantage of this new tool, the Chronicle of Philanthropy hosted a live chat with a co-founder of a crowdfunding platform and a nonprofit that successfully raised $100,000 from the crowd. Here are five quick takeaways:

  1. Planning is everything. Successful campaigns are built on weeks of planning and preparation.
  2. Videos are important too. Videos are the easiest and best way to share the work that you do with potential donors. The ideal video length is less than three minutes.
  3. Set realistic goals. If you only have 500 contacts on your list, then a $25,000 fundraising goal may be too ambitious.
  4. Email is the most effective outreach tool. Facebook is next.
  5. Nearly 85 percent of crowdfunding donors give because they have some kind of connection to the cause.