Helpful Communications Resources for Your Nonprofit Project

There is a glut of information about nonprofit communications. Or strategic communications. Or nonprofit marketing. Content marketing….and on it goes.

And so, I’d like to share a few of my go-to resources – just a select few dependable websites and monthly newsletters, run by real people who are experts in their field, to whom you can turn for training, guidance, actual usable templates and examples, and even some inspiration for getting the word out about your nonprofit.

Nonprofit Tech for Good

This blog, which I receive as a weekly newsletter, really keeps me up-to-date on everything digital and social I should know about for my work. I appreciate the quick-scan format that lets me know instantly which new tools and resources I want to learn more about. What are nonprofit BRIDGE numbers? Why should your organization claim an .ngo name? Get these answers, and so much more. The webinars are very good as well.

Of note: Heather Mansfield, the force behind Nonprofit Tech for Good, is the author of “Social Media Good,” an excellent resource to help any nonprofit navigate the social realm strategically.

Kivi’s Nonprofit Marketing Tips

I like the way Kivi’s weekly emails stay relevant to the issues and concerns I face as a communications director, especially as they change throughout the seasons. As an example, January started out with a focus on planning and included a video on setting up an editorial calendar, a great way to kick off the new year. Each week has brought related webinars and a variety of resources to help round out the topic. I like the monthly writing prompts too – if only to serve as inspiration to jumpstart my own monthly newsletter process.

Of note: Take a look at findings (and cool infographics) from the 2016 Nonprofit Communications Trend Report.

Free Range Thinking Newsletter, The Goodman Center

Andy Goodman is one of the country’s best known speakers and trainers on nonprofit storytelling and its value and importance to a nonprofit’s success. If you can’t afford the workshops (and they are pricey!), this thoughtful, well written monthly newsletter offers deeper insights and regular inspiration about how to tell your organization’s story in new and compelling ways.

Of note: Never put your audience to sleep again – download “Why Bad Presentations Happen to Good Causes.” It’s a Goodman Center classic, and it’s free.

This site run by Nancy Schwartz offers a helpful nonprofit marketing plan template and a useful e-newsletter that’s chock full of actionable and practical solutions to communications and fundraising issues big and small.

Communications Network

This is a membership organization, but non-members can still find excellent resources on the website, including an interesting selection of webinars, like this upcoming one featuring a Science Friday staffer. For members there is a good, active listserve – though a significant percentage of members work for foundations, and their needs and interests sometimes differ from those of nonprofit folk. The annual conference attracts impressive speakers. There's even a new Los Angeles chapter that's just getting started.

Of note: The Jargon Finder can help break through nonprofit-speak. It’s also a lot of fun.

Honorable mention:

Social Media for Nonprofits

Keep an eye out for their conferences on social media. There are a couple scheduled in the Bay Area this fall.

-Lauren Kay, Director of Communications

image credit: Keep Calm, by Heather. CC by 2.0