Create & Manage a New Program or Initiative

We are a creative and nimble partner in the development and administration of a wide range of social change initiatives. Foundations, government agencies, corporations and other institutions have worked with us to:

  • Move their ideas from vision to action
  • Ensure effective program implementation
  • Provide technical assistance and capacity-building services for grantees
  • Coordinate pools of resources and consultants
  • Administer grants
  • Conduct planning, research, evaluation and assessment
  • Manage short-term programs and coordinate long-term initiatives;
  • Establish a program office, a central point of operations for any or all of the above activities.  Our model is well staffed, but flexible enough to meet the needs of a dynamic, developing initiative.

In addition, Community Partners has a strong track record managing Conferences, Trainings, and Peer Learning events.

Learn more about how Community Partners helps with Conferences, Trainings, and Peer Learning