A Network or Collaboration

At Community Partners, numerous networks and collaboratives are operating under our fiscal sponsorship program. Some got their start here, while others found us to be a smarter way to centralize and professionalize their work.

Community Partners has developed deep expertise around how organizations work together. It is the subject of our book Networks that Work: A Practitioner's Guide to Managing Networked Action, outlining principles gleaned from many years of close work with a wide range of coalitions.  We guided the planning for the Violence Prevention Coalition, facilitated retreats for the D5 Coalition, and have trained dozens of network managers. We even have a learning group for network leaders who meet regularly to share best practices and support one another’s work.

With our extensive knowledge of the civic landscape and deep connections to the nonprofit sector, Community Partners’ fiscal sponsorship program offers a unique vantage point for leaders working to harness the strength of their collective members. Also attractive to coalitions is the ability to establish a neutral home at Community Partners, rather than risk the imbalance that can develop when one partner organization takes the lead.

Whether working to eradicate violence in our city, striving for a greener urban environment, expanding access to college for all students, or addressing a  range of other ambitious goals, our networked projects enjoy many valuable benefits. Most important is the ability to better focus on mission while Community Partners takes care of the complexities of insurance, finances, human resources, and the many other administrative details necessary to running an effective organization.

To learn more about how Community Partners can help your network or collaborative effort, please contact us at AskUs@CommunityPartners.Zendesk.com.


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