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“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” – Maya Angelou

Who we are: JUNTOS was established in the summer of 2012, as a collaborative effort between New Visions Foundation (now the Coalition for Engaged Education) and the Lennox School District through funding from the Gary Saltz Foundation to serve victims of trauma in the Lennox School District. Now a project of Community Partners, JUNTOS has brokered partnerships with UCLA School of Social Welfare, Leap and Associates, Echo Parenting & Education, Educare, National Teen Leadership Program, A Window Between Worlds, trauma-focused therapy specialists, and key members of the Lennox School District and community in its efforts to create a progressive and thoughtful model for treating and preventing trauma in the Lennox community.

Why Lennox?: Situated just east of LAX, Lennox is a 1.1 square mile unincorporated area of Los Angeles County that has high levels of poverty and violence, resulting in the experience of complex trauma for many of its residents. Despite these challenges, community members have expressed a strong sense of attachment to their community and desire to work together to address the ramifications of these problems toward a culture of wellness.

Our vision: We envision a thriving Lennox community centered around physical and emotional well-being.

Our mission: JUNTOS cultivates a network of supportive services and grassroots leadership that promotes safety and wellness for Lennox children.

What we do: JUNTOS provides a hub of services to support the creation and growth of healing relationships in families, schools, and the larger Lennox community. These services include:

● Individual therapy for students

● Family therapy

● Parent education

● Teacher training and support

● Wellness groups

● Resources and referrals

● Community collaboration

● An emerging gang prevention coalition

● Youth leadership and empowerment

● Trauma Informed services

● In-class presentations/workshops to students on mindfulness and tools for self-regulation

Joined with Community Partners: April 2014

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