Project Directory

Diversity gives institutions the opportunity to be better aligned with the communities they serve, improve decision-making and expand networks of dedicated talent.
Increasing participation by African Americans in public elections for offices at all levels of government
the best books, the smartest readers
Higher Education for a Strong Economy
Circle of Friends…Changing Lives One Friendship at a Time
City Plants provides fruit and shade trees to LA residents, plants street trees in the City of LA, and educates and trains community members to maintain and care for their canopy.
Changing Hundreds of Lives Every Year
DhhEAF teaches life's lessons to deaf and hard of hearing youth through tennis.
Promoting the recruitment, mentoring, and success of minority postdocs to diversify the doctoral workforce.
Aiding, comforting and empowering women challenged by chronic pain
Building Leadership Bridges Across the Pacific
Educating for a better world, one person at a time.
producing plants : empowering people
Girls reimagine a just world by telling their untold stories of gender and sexuality through media.
An economic justice coalition of community groups, organizing and advocating for policies which reduce poverty
Increasing the Quality and Accessibility of Safety Net Healthcare
If you want to explore Jewish life in an open environment ... where all are welcome and no experience is necessary ... we invite you to join us at Jewish Gateways.
“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” - Maya Angelou
Gender-inclusive, feminist, pro-immigrant rights organization to promote healthy relationships and anti-violence through the arts.
Know the Glow seeks to eliminate childhood blindness by raising awareness about glow-related eye diseases.
Empowering girls through photography, mentorship, and self-expression.
Radio broadcasting for the blind or print impaired in Los Angeles
Equipping Jews and Muslims in America with the skills, resources, and relationships needed to building lasting relationships and strengthen cooperation on issues of shared concern.
Partners for Pediatric Vision: Keeping Kids in Sight
Helping young children become readers by training their parents to read aloud to them.
Revitalizing South LA by Moving Residents to Economic Opportunity
Aspiring to make Southern California the next great hub for technology
Improving the quality of life for people with a spinal cord injury.
"Full STEAM Ahead"
Empowering Foster Youth Aging out of the System
Using the age-old practice of breaking bread to turn isolating experiences into sources of meaningful conversation and connection.
Planting seeds to grow more STEM; Cranking out student at a time
Urban Possibilities uses the power of art and culture - from fashion to theatre - to change the lives of homeless and working poor people in Los Angeles.
Violins of Hope, teaching Holocaust history through music and culture assisted by restored violins
Building Community by Exploring Nature