Nonprofit Management

Contemplating a Merger? Consider These Key Issues First

Nonprofits merge for lots of reasons: successful, smaller-sized organizations may join with a competitor to expand their reach. A larger, more established organization may seek a smaller organization that has stellar programming and established connections with a target community. A group that is winding down may want its programming to live on and donates its curriculum, website, or other intellectual property to an organization with a similar mission.  

Less Pain, More Gain? Fiscal Sponsorship as an Alternative to Nonprofit Mergers

When the venerable Center for Law in the Public Interest saw its funding dwindle after 35 years of service, they thought they had two choices:  close down entirely, or merge with another organization. Instead, they did something easier, faster, and cheaper:  they took their most viable program and relaunched it as The City Project – under fiscal sponsorship.

Taproot Foundation

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Public Counsel

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