October 18, 2019

California Funders Renew Commitment for Innovative New Model to Transform Local Health Systems

A group of California funders has extended their support of the California Accountable Communities for Health Initiative (CACHI) with an additional $6 million, an investment that will extend through 2021 this innovative model that seeks to transform the current health care delivery systems in 13 communities across the state.

Community Partners has served as the intermediary organization for this initiative, serving as a neutral home, managing funds and providing guidance and technical assistance to grantee sites.

“Today’s health care model is too limiting in that it only focuses on clinical care. ACHs are the next logical step to improve the long-term health of Californians by embracing the power that comes from different organizations and sectors working together, along with residents,” says Barbara Masters, CACHI director. “Only when clinical and community partners come together and align their efforts to address underlying factors that influence health, like transportation, safety, food access and racial bias, can we expect to improve health outcomes and reduce disparities.”

ACHs create powerful multi-sector collaborations to address a wide variety of critical community health priorities—such as cardiovascular health, substance use, asthma, community violence and children’s health—over the long term.

The CACHI funders’ collaborative includes Blue Shield of California Foundation, The California Endowment, The California Wellness Foundation, Kaiser Permanente, Sierra Health Foundation, Well Being Trust and Social Impact Exchange.

To learn more about CACHI, the communities involved and what health issues they are addressing, visit CACHI’s at www.cachi.org.

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