Las Fotos Project
"They have such a great track record in L.A., as well as solid relationships with every funder. "
— Eric Ibarra, founder, Las Fotos Project
"(Community Partners) was the ideal way to operate while we were figuring this thing out…and it continues to be."
— Yvette Chappell-Ingram
Sarah Bassin, NewGround
"We create a space for people to build trusting relationships"
— Sarah Bassin, New Ground
"I think Community Partners is one of the big reasons why we’ve done so well."
— Harley Frankel
Move LA
"We're not bogged down by running an organization."
— Beth Steckler, Deputy Director, Move LA


February 20, 2019
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December 21, 2018
Community Partners is part of a unique collaborative effort called “Green Together” that has been awarded a total of $23 million in state funding for...
November 16, 2018
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