Thank you for your submission.

Thank you for your submission. Briefly, the Project Review process includes the following steps:

  1. Our Program staff reviews completed proposals for project sponsorship the first week of every odd numbered month depending on the calendar dates. After initial staff review, we may discuss the proposal with the project leader to clarify aspects of the proposed project. Proposals that meet our review criteria will move to Project Review. At this point, staff will write an analysis of the proposed project which is attached to the Proposal and forward to the Project Review Committee.
  2. The Project Review Committee meets on the fourth Thursday of every odd numbered month to formally review the proposed projects. Project Leaders will be asked to attend this meeting to make a brief presentation of their project and answer questions from committee members.
  3. The Project Review Committee makes a recommendation regarding sponsorship of the proposed project to the full Community Partners’ Board of Directors at their meeting, which is generally the second week of each even numbered month. In short, if all information is in order, the project review process takes a minimum of six weeks.
  4. Projects are notified of their status within 48 hours of the board meeting. Accepted projects will be asked to attend New Project Orientation which further clarifies our working relationship with projects and provides specifics regarding our policies and procedures.

We appreciate your interest in Community Partners and are grateful for your desire to address some of the critical issues facing our community.