Intermediary Work

We work with leaders of foundations, corporations, government agencies and other institutions to design, build and manage powerful initiatives for change.

With our deep knowledge base in program design and management, our extensive experience helping nonprofits grow and develop, our familiarity with the civic landscape, and our commitment to advancing the public good, our partners turn to us to help them achieve greater impact than they could on their own.

We have worked with a multitude of regional and national funders, corporations, and governmental agencies over the past 30 years. Our intermediary work has included a range of complex initiatives addressing such issues as obesity, improving the quality of safety-net health care, and civic engagement. We also have extensive experience with conferences, trainings and peer learning events.

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Our scope of work often includes:

  • Working closely with grantmakers to move their ideas from vision to action
  • Ensuring effective program implementation
  • Providing technical assistance and capacity-building services for grantees
  • Coordinating pools of resources and consultants
  • Regranting
  • Establish a program office, a central point of operations for any or all of the above activities.  Our model is well staffed, but flexible and streamlined enough to morph and grow along with a dynamic, developing initiative.

Conferences, Trainings, and Peer-Learning Events

We manage the program planning and logistics for grantee conferences, trainings, and peer-learning events. Our work often includes:

  • Content and curriculum development
  • Keynote and session speaker vetting and preparation
  • Planning committee support
  • Skilled facilitation
  • Logistics management and implementation