Our Staff


Paul Vandeventer
President and CEO
Chief Financial Officer
Director of Grants & Risk Management
Director of Human Resources


Pia Bañez
Program Manager
Senior Program Assistant
Julie Cole
Executive Assistant
Program Manager
Program Director
Cynthia Freeman
Senior Program Director
Senior Program Director
Senior Communications Specialist
Ravi Shah
Program & Operations Manager
Arpine Shakhbandaryan
Senior Program Manager
Lupe Solorio
Senior Program Director
Senior Manager of Research, Evaluation and Strategic Learning

Finance and Human Resources

Lauren Bartels
Contracts and Grants Analyst
Blessie Biglang-awa
Senior Finance Associate
Maria Colon
Senior Accounts Payable Associate
Senior Human Resources Specialist
Headshot of Alejandra "Alex" Garcia
Grants Associate
Senior Finance Analyst
Senior Accounting Director
Human Resources Manager
Sr. Contracts & Grants Associate
Janny Kum
Director of Finance
Janine Lim
Accounts Payable Manager
Farah Namvar
Grants Associate
Senior Contracts Associate
Finance Assistant
Senior Finance Analyst
Finance Manager
Grants Manager